October 11, 2022

The Connection Between Oral Health and Kidney Disease

Practicing good dental hygiene is essential for those with chronic kidney disease. Chronic bacterial infections like oral cavities ...
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July 31, 2022

Patient Diaries: Trip To Bryce Canyon (Camping On Dialysis)

[caption id="attachment_23375" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Bryce Canyon dialysis set-up.[/caption] ...
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May 10, 2022

Patient Diaries: 1st Travel to South Padre Island

By: Michael Adair-Kriz  After restarting dialysis in July of 2016 and beginning at home hemodialysis ...
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May 2, 2022

AHD Kidney Care & Dialysis Expo 2022: Dr. Carl Illig

Dr. Carl Illig from Flow Vascular Institute spoke with attendees about the importance of good dialysis ...
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April 8, 2022

Patient Diaries: Restarting Dialysis

By: Michael Adair-Kriz I returned to dialysis almost 13 years to the day as my very first treatment back ...
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March 21, 2022

AHD Patient Diary: My Trip To Honduras On Dialysis

by Michael Adair-Kriz During the winter of my second year on home hemodialysis with the NxStage machine ...
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January 17, 2022

The 2 Leading Causes of Kidney Failure

Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two leading causes of kidney failure, according ...
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November 30, 2021

How Your Social Worker Can Help You on Dialysis

Kidney disease can be overwhelming, and you may be facing many changes and challenges.  ...
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